What men like fat women

It seems that only ideal representatives of the stronger sex fall in love with puffs.What men like fat/fat women and why, statistics, psychology

Let’s start with the fact that fat women like men no less than thin young ladies. And completeness is different. There are “elegant half-grandchildren”, there are “girls with forms”, and there are “big and kind lionesses”. In any case, men react to women’s self-presentation, and not too ideal parameters.

Most often, women with curvy forms have a number of complexes and try to hide, just not to attract excessive male attention. Men feel this and strive to bypass such women with low self-esteem.

Exclusive women with curvy shapes can make a great impression on the opposite sex:

  1. They are active and always in a cheerful mood.
  2. They have a good sense of humor and are not shy.
  3. They are soulful, emotionally warm and empathetic.
  4. They are responsible and strong in spirit in solving daily tasks.
  5. They have a flexible and psychologically healthy list of requirements in relation to a man.

Thus, they are quite capable of attracting the attention of the same comfortable person.

Signs of men interested in beautiful and confident women, regardless of weight

1. They are confident

They don’t prove anything to anyone. And they are able to be with the person with whom they are really good, not paying attention to standards and rules. They have the courage to make choices, bypassing public opinion.

2. They are good

This quality extends to all spheres of life. They have many friends, they are sociable, sociable and rarely show aggression and manipulation.

3. They are calm, patient

Such men have little criticism of themselves and the people around them. They allow themselves everything and also allow people to be nearby as they want to be.

4. They have a good sense of humor

Not irony and pricking – but a real sense of humor, when both are having fun.

5. They are without complexes in sex

Sex for them is just another opportunity to enjoy life.

6. They don’t remake their woman

Do not make her lose weight, do not change clothes, do not stimulate her to new slender achievements. They just let the woman be herself.

7. They are not fixed on their external self-presentation.

The main thing is to be convenient, comfortable, and without unnecessary stress. They do not have neurosis from extra pounds and folds on the abdomen.

The main thing that unites such men: they are psychologically mature and quite clearly understand their expectations. Such understand that all women are different and “lush beauties” are no worse than slender divas. And no matter how much they look at the women on the phone, their beloved woman is the best. And it does not matter how many kilograms it weighs. But it cooks deliciously! A lush woman is associated with warmth, care, and a kind attitude.

And there are wonderful proverbs that men use in defense of lush beauties: “It is better to swim on the waves than to beat on the rocks” or “A full woman is a doubly more joy and happiness.”

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