What to do with the tree after Christmas?

After the holidays, the fir trees are picked up by shovel on the sidewalks of towns and villages. But for the record, it is quite forbidden to abandon your king of the glabrous forests to the street! How to get rid of a tree? Here are some ideas and a reminder of what can and should be done with your Christmas tree passed on December 25th.

It is big. He was handsome. It smelled good coniferous. You had started decorating the house early for Christmas this year. You had followed the Christmas tree decoration trend of the year.

After having hesitated for a long time to choose between an artificial or natural fir you had still arbitrated for the purchase of a real firmade in France, as every year. But that’s it, it’s over. Go for it! We need to make room for the new year. A sweep in the living room that will find some space and the new year can begin.

We rest a little. We sort and throw, we try a diet to relieve the stomach and we do sports by carrying the tree to its last home. But which one is it?

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Can you throw your tree in the street?

It is forbidden to throw your dead tree on the sidewalk. Abandoning it on the public road could cost you a fine of 150 € and would not honor your intelligence. Especially since there are many alternatives.

Where to throw your tree?

In the landfill, you will deposit it in the dumpster reserved for green waste.

In town look for the nearest collection point. In Paris, for example, the collection of Christmas trees takes place from December 26, 2021, to January 20, 2022. Last year 121,146 fir trees collected on 170 points brought 2400 m3 of grind. Public green spaces often recover it and grind it for valorization in plantations. In Lyon, the collection of fir trees on 180 points will take place from 5 to 19 January 2022. Go to the website of your town hall or call it: there is almost always a dedicated service for this.

Namely: the Christmas bags sold in favor of charities are very useful and they are compostable!

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Which stores take back the trees after Christmas?

Normally if you bought your tree from a merchant who takes it back after the holidays you must already be informed. Quite widespread in recent years, however, we have not found a sign offering this type of operation for Christmas 2021. But do we ever know…

How to recycle the Christmas tree

Recycled in the garden the Christmas tree makes very good mulching to prevent the evaporation of water, prevent weeds from growing and keep the feet of the plants warm. It is avoided in compost because it is considered too acidic.

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Can you make firewood with your Christmas tree

Softwoods do not make firewood very recommendable because they can clog the ducts. For a small brazier in the garden, it can be useful but beware of fir thorns that ignite very easily.

When to replant your tree after the holidays?

If you bought a potted or clod fir tree it is possible to replant it in the garden provided you do not delay too much to do it after the holidays. Plan the operation no later than New Year’s Day because it must not have dried out. So be sure to keep it away from a direct heat source. No fir tree next to the fireplace or radiator, please! It is also necessary to think about watering it, like a potted plant, during its period of exposure indoors. A good solution is to also spray its branches with water from time to time: a gesture, in addition to watering, which increases its chances of survival. The best test before putting it back in its natural environment: if by shaking the needles do not fall it will be able to resume, otherwise, it is a bad sign!

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How to replant your Christmas tree in the garden?

How many gardens proudly display the Christmas tree of previous years? Because yes, it is possible to offer a second life to Christmas trees. But be careful: before replanting it in the garden you will have to acclimatize your Christmas tree to outside temperatures. A passage of a few days in a cool room at less than 10 degrees will do him good.

Another tip. Be careful not to take out the tree in negative temperatures directly in the garden: the thermal shock could be too violent.

Also, pay attention to the tip of the fir tree: avoid skinning it with a decorative star because the health of the tree would be compromised.

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For planting, make a hole in the ground and generously water the soil of the fir with several liters of water. Cut the pot to take out the roots. Enrich the soil at the bottom of the hole with compost and potting soil and mix with the soil from the garden. Install the fir tree at ground level and then fill the hole. Form a bowl of the earth around the foot of the fir tree with the excess soil to water it well. Thereafter, ensure that the land remains moist. At the end of winter, pack the soil again and then water from time to time. The first buds will arrive in the spring.

The tree will be able to return to the house for the holidays of the following year if it has not grown too much during the year. You will only have to dig it up if you succeed! A jet of water to remove external dust may be useful. You can then cover it with decorations. Note that spruce varieties, in particular, grow more than 40 cm per year: the risk of it invading the garden is real.

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Participate in a fir cremation

A tradition of the northeastern regions of France is to make a fir cremation after the holidays. In Alsace and the Vosges in particular large fires of fir trees are lit and symbolically represent the pyre of the worries of the past year … It is not necessarily a very ecological ceremony in terms of recycling the tree but it closes the holiday season superbly and can console a little the nostalgic of Christmas over.

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