What your smile says about your personality

Have you ever wondered what your smile says about you? It is widely known that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but the smile does not fall short. We tell you that it tells you your way of smiling at the world!

Toothless smile

If you are one of those who smile without showing many teeth and prefer closed smiles, chances are you are an introverted person. Those with these smiles are discreet and shy, usually.

Smile with confidence

Do you smile at whoever and whenever? You have a confident smile. It speaks of a confident, leadership-capable, responsible, and very professional person.

Smile with breadth

If smiling does not scare you to show all your teeth, and you open your mouth without fear, then you have a wide smile. This shows you to others as a trusted person, with whom it is easy to talk. You stay open to others, know them or not, and that makes you look very attractive.

Cheerful smile

We call a cheerful smile the one that has a small separation between the front teeth. Is it yours? So you’re a confident and very instinctive person. You are guided by the heart, and you do not allow yourself to be controlled by others.

Smile with gum

The gum-on smile, or gingival, is the one in which the gum peeks out over the teeth. If you smile like this you have a child’s soul, and your innocence and tenderness make others trust you quickly. Everyone feels comfortable by your side.

Perfect smile

We know that the perfect smile does not exist, so we will call populated. It’s the smile of the famous. Some get it through visits to the dentist, and others lucky are born with it.

Be that as it may, this smile speaks of success and perfectionism.

Prominent smile

Unlike the wide smile, in the prominent smile, all the teeth are exposed, and not just those in the top row. And the more teeth you teach, the more dominant you will appear. So with a smile like this, you’re a person with clear ideas, who knows what he wants and goes for it. Without being convinced otherwise.

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