When you do not know how to set limits: steps with which you will learn to say NO

Improve the relationship with people and prevent them from abusing your disposition

For many people, the word can NOT be related only to negative situations, so it can be difficult to pronounce it even when necessary, however learning to say NO is essential.

Knowing how to refuse certain situations, favors or commitments will not only help you lead a better life, but you will also maintain better relationships.

Saying yes to everything can profoundly affect your day to day and is that if you have this problem, surely you have felt overwhelmed by a task that your boss asked you even if you already had a lot of work, uncomfortable to attend a place you really did not want to go or irritated by doing a favor that you did not have the spirit to fulfill.

nghỉ ngơi - say no hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

In addition, this makes you a perfect victim for those people with abusive behaviors who usually take advantage of those whom they perceive as weak.

Not only will this make you feel bad every time you make commitments you don’t want or can’t fulfill, but it can end up causing you problems that can be avoided with a simple NO.

Therefore, here we will leave you some tips that will help you say NO to a simple signature.

lan can kim loại và một cành nhỏ với lá - nice day hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

Those are the tips for learning to say NO

Give yourself time to think

On many occasions, you don’t need to give an immediate response, so instead of responding immediately and then regretting it, let yourself think about it.

“At this time I am not sure, let me think about it and warn you,” this sentence is kind and clear, so the other person will understand.

Do not allow yourself to be pressured, repeat with kindness that you must think about it so that confusion is avoided.

thời gian tôi - me-time hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

Stay away from unreal thoughts

Something very common in people who do not know how to say no is that they usually have unreal thoughts. Remember that the people who care about you, will not present problems for a NO.

If someone is offended when you put limits on them, it’s likely that this person was abusing your permanent disposition.

Be brief and kind

Do not give too many explanations, they are not necessary. Suffice it to say, “I’m sorry, but this time I won’t be able to help you. At another time it could be available” so that the message is clear in a friendly way.

Use your imagination to practice

It is normal to say that it does not generate nerves, but you can overcome them by practicing with your imagination.

Think about those situations you face the most and start finding the most appropriate words to say no. This will help you to be more unwrapped when the situation arises.

phong cảnh kỳ ảo với lối đi qua các vũ trụ khác nhau - imagination hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần
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