Whitening or remineralizing? Learning to choose toothpaste

When choosing toothpaste, of course, it is better to consult with your doctor. For those who do not have such an opportunity, dentist Olga Nikitina tells you what to pay attention to and how not to harm yourself in pursuit of a snow-white smile.

Be alert with bleaching pastes

The composition of the product directly depends on the type of paste. Whitening is aimed at lightening tooth enamel and effectively removing plaque. They are abrasive and chemical. The former contains coarse particles. They act like sandpaper, polishing and removing stains from the surface, so they can injure the enamel. Apply them in courses to prevent thinning of the outer lining of the teeth.

The action of chemical pastes is based on the oxidation of pigments, due to which lightning occurs. The main ingredients of products marked “White” are hydrogen peroxide or urea. They remove plaque, but at the same time, with prolonged use, they destroy the structure of the tooth.

The inscription on the package “whitening” attracts buyers, but this is just a marketing ploy. Neither abrasive nor chemical pastes are able to lighten teeth by several tones (and this is what many want to achieve). They only remove plaque and stains from coffee or tea. A visit to the dentist is required for thorough whitening.

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Do not expect a quick effect from remineralizing pastes

Pastes to strengthen the enamel contain fluoride or calcium. Manufacturers position them as means for remineralization, but with regular problems with teeth, you should not rely on them.

Applying fluoride to the surface of the enamel can be helpful. But first, it is necessary to remove the biofilm, so remineralization is always a two-step process that does not tolerate haste. For effective strengthening of enamel, it is better to order a prescription gel from the dentist. If you still use a paste with fluoride, you need to first make sure that the water in your area does not contain fluoride to avoid intoxication.

Toothpaste may also contain calcium compounds: hydroxyapatite or calcium glycerophosphate. They are harmless to the body, but usually do not give a tangible effect.

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Pitfalls of anesthetic pastes for sensitive teeth

Pastes from this category contain two main components: calcium hydroxyapatite and nitrate or potassium chloride. They eliminate sensitivity for a long time. But if the problem exists, it is better not to rely only on the action of hygiene products, but to consult a dentist and find out the cause of the discomfort. Long-term use of anesthetic paste can dull the painful sensations that will turn out to be symptoms of the disease.

Paste with a natural composition for inflammation of the gums

There are pastes, the composition of which is focused on eliminating inflammation of the gums. For this purpose, manufacturers add either natural ingredients such as extracts of mint, sage, fir, oak bark, juniper, resin, or chlorhexidine.

The latter is a potent antiseptic used in medicine. With its regular use, dysbacteriosis develops, which negatively affects dental health.

Especially carefully should be approached to the choice of paste for adolescents. Their microflora is still being formed, and any careless interference in this process can turn into serious problems with the teeth in the future. If you need to relieve inflammation of the gums, it is better to give preference to pastes with natural ingredients.

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Refuse anti-tartar products

There are pastes that manufacturers position as anti-tartar remedies. But it is more often formed in the gum pockets, where the toothbrush does not reach. The only thing that can prevent its formation is regular cleaning to remove plaque.

Pastes from tartar not only do not have a beneficial effect but are also harmful. They contain potent chemicals that damage the enamel.

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Dangerous components that everyone needs to know about

Before buying, you should carefully study the composition of the product and refuse to purchase if it contains the following harmful components: SLS, SLES, and other sulfates; antibacterial substances (Chlorhexidinebigluconate, Triclosan, Metronidazolum); compounds with aluminum; PVP, PEG; flavors; dyes (especially pastes of saturated bright colors); formaldehyde, parabens; sweeteners (the safest sweetener is xylitol, the most harmful is saccharin).

Check the concentration of the critical ingredient. It is less the farther to the end of the list on the package the component is located. And do not spare money for the purchase of a quality remedy: the treatment of caries will cost more.

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