Why a man doesn’t call his woman by name?

Is it true that the most pleasant word for a person is his name?

We decided to find out for what reasons a man does not call a woman by name at the beginning of the relationship and after a long time (with live communication and in correspondence). And what does the fact that a man not only does not call a woman by name but, in general, does not address her in any way?Why a man does not call his woman by name at the beginning of the relationship, the reasons, the opinion of a psychologist

He hugged me, I think, with all his might. Strongly, but gently, and all repeated: “Anechka, Anechka, Anechka. All. You’re no longer just Anya, you’re my Anya.”

Up until that point, I always cared about my name. I didn’t care who called me what. But it was all “before.” Before he first and with such love said “Anya”. At that moment, I fell in love with my name. It was then that I realized what the meaning of the phrase of the world-famous psychologist Dale Carnegie was:

“The nicest word for a person is his name.”

Since then, I’ve started noticing how rarely men call their women by name. “Dear”, “Zaya”, “Sun” – all these are very pleasant appeals, but why not the name of your beloved?

I was able to figure out 8 reasons why a man doesn’t call you by name.

1. A man does not call a woman by name, because he does not want to get closer

Without addressing you by name, he subconsciously fences himself off because he does not want to close a relationship. He is more comfortable calling you neutral “sweet” than acknowledging the fact that there is a real woman with a real name in his life.

2. You’re not the only one for him

Confusing the name of the woman with whom you share the bed is a much more terrible crime than calling her an impersonal “Sun” or “Kiska”. Here is the border of gray morality, but it is this logic that is guided by the representatives of the stronger sex, changing mistresses like gloves.

3. He was not close to his parents

If the parents, because of emotional remoteness, did not call the child by name, then in adulthood it will simply not be clear to him what is so special about the name of a person. As a child, he was not proud of his name, did not attach importance to it  he does not attach it now. In this case, he can be taught this. Call him by name, gently, with love, and as often as possible. Say something like, “It’s so nice to call you by name, it’s so beautiful and so it suits you.” Gradually, he will begin to understand that you are pleased to hear your name from your favorite lips.

4. A man is a hidden tyrant

Surprisingly, psychologists have proven that men who call their chosen ones diminutive-affectionate names can be tyrants. In this case, nicknames help them suppress the consciousness of a woman and show their superiority over her. As soon as the tyrant realizes that you are caught in his net, he will begin to manipulate, show aggression and humiliate you.

5. He’s not confident

It’s not just tyrants who seek to show women their superiority. Perhaps your man has problems with self-esteem, and by belittling you with diminutive-affectionate nicknames, he simply asserts himself. He likes to be big and strong Alexander or Yaroslav next to some little “Zainka”.

6. He does not attach importance to this

There is a high probability that he calls you “Masya” simply because he thinks it is cute and touching, and it will not matter that he does not address you by name. He’s so comfortable, she’s so used to it and doesn’t see anything reprehensible about it.

7. He has such a sense of humor

Maybe your loved one just has a great sense of humor, and he likes to call you some individual, cute nickname.

This does not exclude the fact that in his appeal to you he puts maximum tenderness and warmth.

8. Unpleasant associations with the name

Well, there is a possibility that with your name he associates some unpleasant memories. For example, this was the name of the girl who broke his heart. What matters is not how he addresses you and how often he pronounces your name, but what kind of relationship you are in fact.how to answer tactless questions

A good friend of mine, for example, calls his wife simply “Love.” And this is despite the fact that she is not Lyuba, but Olga. It’s just that for him, his wife is the personification of everything he puts into the word“love.” And it’s immensely cute, touching, unusual. It seems that no one in the world calls his chosen one that anymore. And then there is no question: “Why not Olya?”, Here everything is clear without words.

So, if your loved one calls you “My Soul” or “Sweetheart,” don’t get upset or panic. Everyone has their own way of showing feelings. And a man is characterized for the most part by his actions, not his words.

Why a man does not call a woman by name in correspondence

Here, to the usual reasons, you can add a few more:

  • Your name is too long
  • Your name is difficult to write
  • It saves time
  • He does not like to correspond at all and always responds dryly.
  • Autocorrect always changes your name to another word

And what if a man does not call a woman not only by name, but in general in any way?

But this is a sign of serious problems in the relationship. When people get tired of each other and move away, the name of the once-loved one turns into a dry one: “Come here”, “Tell me where it lies?” and other impersonal appeals. Perhaps you should talk frankly about what is happening between you, or even seek counseling from a psychologist.

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