Why children love to break and spoil toys

It seems that the thirst for destruction lives inside every baby. Why do children break toys? What is the reason for the interest in “what is inside”, and why do kids sometimes take so much care of toy trash?

Such a character!

Broken toys are often found in the room of a choleric child. These kids are restless, hot-tempered, inattentive, and very mobile. Their toys break down themselves. The kid ran and dropped the toy, got angry – swept everything off the table, or hurried, impatiently attaching a fragile plastic part. Scolding a child, punishing, or reading notations makes no sense. The character trait can not be changed but can be adjusted. Baby choleric is not only pogroms and destruction. He is purposeful, courageous, active, and persistent. You need to direct his energy in the right direction, teach him to manage his emotions.

If the child is not interested in playing with the toy, he will try to break it.

Distract the child, switch him to another wave or just calm down. Try to notice the mood of the baby and caress him before he gets angry. It would seem that such a child does not need to be given a constructor or plasticine – let him rush around the yard with a ball, beat a punching bag, or tumble on the mat. So the toys will remain intact. But that’s not the point. It is necessary to teach the crumbs attentiveness and perseverance. For this, sculpting, drawing, prefabricated models, and board games are best suited. Start with the latter: table hockey or football is what you need! Immediately sit choleric for intellectual games will not work.

Isn’t it time to rest?

It happens that the baby broke the toy simply from fatigue or poor health. Make sure that the baby does not overwork, and if this happens, try to calm him down with calm games without unnecessary noise and quick movements. The kid can rush around the apartment, throw toys or jump on the couch – this is not always a sign that he is full of energy. From overwork, children can also be too active.

child breaks toys what to do

“Not my size”

The child’s toys may not match his age. If the crumbs are not interested in playing with them, then, perhaps, they will like to break. Try to make the baby’s toys grow with him. The older the crumb, the more functional objects he needs. Unnecessary, tired cars, rattles, or gurneys the baby does not break, he reconstructs them to start another game. It’s hard to think of many games with a clockwork bear that knocks on the drum. So you have to tear off the drum! It is necessary that the toy develops imagination. The kid should be able to endow his hero with the chosen qualities of character, voice him himself, change the movement of the toy according to his own plot.

Choosing a child in the store of new friends, giving up the clockwork, talking, singing toys, figures with a fixed pose, motionless. Perhaps the right choice will solve the problem of broken toys!

Choose toys for your child that teach him to develop imagination.

Teach your child to play. Show him how to revive toys, how to build a track for cars, a house of cubes, how to organize a story game. Do not think that children can play from birth. The game is also a certain work that requires imagination, knowledge, and skills.

What’s inside?

Simple curiosity is another cause of breakdowns. Children learn the world, and this is normal and right. Only by having a thirst for knowledge, you can discover something new. Curious crumbs it is better to offer toys-designers. Children love to disassemble, assemble, play in a new way. There are machines that can be spun with special tools into parts – this is your option. Collect a box for the baby “Young Researcher”. There may be large parts from an old clock, an alarm clock bell, magnets, magnifying glasses, a computer mouse that can be disassembled, etc. Attention, do not leave the baby unattended!

child breaks toys what to do

“She’s herself!”

It’s no secret that some children’s treasures can really break almost by themselves. Poor quality toys are not only dangerous to health. If the baby takes, for example, a machine in his hands and some part fall off from it, then other problems arise. First, the child gets upset at first. Secondly, the crumb gradually gets used to such breakdowns and treats them calmly: “Think about it, broken! You need to throw away and buy a new one!” This attitude to things is also only frustrating. Thirdly, the child does not get used to accuracy, but, on the contrary, understands that, no matter how hard he tries, the breakdown is inevitable and that in this case, it makes no sense to cherish such a toy.

Toys of poor quality in their majority are not even repairable. Meanwhile, it would be nice to repair his broken toys with the baby, glue old books.

“And so it was!”

If a child broke his toy – this is half the trouble. And what to do if the crumb spoiled the thing of another baby? Of course, it will be right to apologize or offer the child to do it together: the baby should understand that, even if he accidentally spoiled the thing of another person or caused inconvenience with something, you need to ask for forgiveness. As compensation, you can offer to buy a similar toy or make some kind of gift to an offended baby.

However, even here there are questions. What if the toy is very expensive? Is it possible to pay money every time? If you know that your baby is too curious or, to put it mildly, not very accurate to avoid unnecessary problems, voice the topic of expensive toys and their breakdown, communicate with mothers in the sandbox or in kindergarten. Offer not to give children expensive things with them. After such a conversation, in the event of a breakdown of someone else’s thing, an apology will be enough. So that you do not have to calm your crumb when they break his toy and resent the reaction of the offender’s parents, discuss this with your child. Such a situation is easier to prevent than to find difficult solutions later. Do not take to the streets especially expensive or favorite toys of the baby. Explain that other children may be less careful and the toy will break.


Sometimes, breaking toys, children express their attitude to those who gave them. Here it is necessary to solve more serious family issues, understand the relationship and quickly find a way out of this situation. Maybe the child does not need new toys? Maybe he needs attention and love?

child breaks toys what to do

What to do with trash?

Often, bringing order to the children’s room, I really want to throw away a couple of bags of garbage: debris, parts, spoiled and broken toys, and a bunch of all sorts of nonsense – colorful packages, pebbles- twigs, boxes from the cream But the child does not allow to finish with junk once and for all.

Let’s start with the reasons. Perhaps the kid does not want to part with his “wealth” only because he sees how you yourself carefully store an old makeup bag, clothes that you do not wear, a spoiled iron … Many adults can’t easily get rid of unnecessary things precisely because their parents did. If you want your child to act differently, start with yourself.

Or maybe the baby really needs all these things? Try just to find an option to keep these things in their places – to allocate a special box or box. After all, it is often with such parts leftover from toys that it is very interesting to play. They can be put together and get something new. In addition, because of the fact that someone tore off the bear’s paw, he did not become less beloved …

The child’s room is his world, let there be what he needs. Broken soldiers or a doll without hair, a bottle of perfume, or a stone found on the street!

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