Why Do You Feel Tired All of the Time?

“Why am I always tired?” is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our lives. We can’t be effective at work, spend meaningful time with our families, or be happy in general if we don’t have enough energy.

Nobody enjoys being tired and sleepy all of the time. But what’s the source of your persistent exhaustion?

What causes fatigue? In this post, we will list 8 probable reasons why you feel exhausted every day.

  1. Your Diet

We’ve grown accustomed to thinking that unhealthy eating habits are defined solely by junk food and sugary beverages. Yes, this type of diet will cause you to gain weight and put you on the path to diabetes, but it’s not the only bad diet you may be on. Even if you don’t consume junk food, your diet may be unhealthy for your body.

Here are a few reasons why your diet may still be inadequate and leaving you weary all of the time:

  • Following a low-calorie diet — either consciously or unconsciously depriving yourself of a healthy number of calories each day.
  • Low protein diet – If you’re a vegetarian or vegan and don’t keep track of your protein consumption, you can be suffering from a low protein diet. Because of my lack of understanding and lack of protein in my diet, I’ve had a slew of health difficulties, including reproductive troubles (which I’m still dealing with), so proceed with caution.
  • Lots of fried food and indigestion — I’m not sure why everyone nowadays thinks fried food is healthy. Just because we put healthy components in the frying pan doesn’t mean the end product will be healthy as well (remember that the junk food is done as well with somehow healthy products).
  • Eating anything and whenever – This refers to eating whatever is available whenever you are hungry. This confuses your stomach, causing it to overwork or remain empty for an extended period of time. None of it is good for you.

2. Stress
Our bodies respond to stress in different ways, but one thing we all have in common is sleeping problems.

If you’re always stressed out about job, family troubles, or personal problems, you’re probably fatigued and sleepy. It makes little difference how much sleep you get or how healthy your diet is. Of course, these things assist, but you won’t feel fresh and happy for a long time if you’re under a lot of stress.

3. The lack of oxygen
We work in offices during the day and either drive or take the bus home. We spend our weekends either cleaning or eating out.

We don’t spend much time outside these days. Our bodies become tired and fatigued due to a lack of oxygen.

4. Your phone
Right now, you’re probably on your phone. There’s a 20% chance you’re reading this in bed, even though you know you should be sleeping.

Your phone keeps you up at night. Your phone’s blue light makes it nearly difficult for you to put it down and go to sleep. It has been found to keep your brain active and awake by stimulating it.

Did you realize, however, that blue light can harm your eyes and raise your chance of blindness? If you use your phone before going to sleep, it is most likely one of the reasons you are constantly fatigued.

5. Too much coffee
You may be fatigued all of the time because you drink too much coffee. It may seem strange that a drink that gives you energy could make you fatigued, but it is possible. Too much coffee can lead to exhaustion, high blood pressure, anxiety, and other negative effects.

Reducing your morning coffee intake and eliminating your afternoon coffee intake will enhance your sleep quality, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized the next day. Please keep in mind that caffeine addiction is a real thing, so cutting back on coffee may make you feel worse at first. Your body will be in desperate need of caffeine, and it will need it for a long time.

6. Because of sugar and alcohol
That comes as no surprise. We’ve already discussed sugar, but alcohol isn’t far behind. Excessive consumption of both will result in stomach issues, dehydration, a foggy thinking, and sleep issues. If you don’t think you’ve done a good job with either, it’s time to make a lifestyle adjustment.

7. Bad lifestyle and lack of self-care
Overall, you can see that a poor lifestyle, as well as a lack of self-care and nutrition, are the root reasons of every problem you may have with your body. Make a life audit, become motivated to make a change, and work on yourself.

Self-care isn’t difficult, and it can sometimes entail saying no to going out and relaxing at home. Self-care can sometimes be as simple as sipping an extra glass of water in the morning. Self-care practices include things like cleaning your house, purchasing an aroma candle, and spending 10 minutes a day in the park breathing fresh air.

8. Don’t exercise
When you’re tired and exhausted, it may seem strange that everyone advises you to exercise. Isn’t it true that exercise will make you feel even more exhausted?

That is, after all, the trick!

You can pump a lot of oxygen into your body, move the mussels around, and boost your physical strength by tiring yourself with a good cardio or gym workout. All of this contributes to your ability to think faster, be more productive, enhance your health, sleep well, and, yes, feel refreshed and energetic.

When was the last time you went for a brisk walk around the block? Don’t you recall how eager you were to accomplish so many other things afterward? Try it one more.

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