Why indoor flowers die: 10 mistakes we make

If you want the greenery of the house to please your eye, you should reconsider the principles of caring for it.

Houseplants today have become a real trend. Exotic cacti or the simplest flowers in pots decorate the interior, refresh the air and add comfort and coziness to the situation.

But quite often housewives make a mistake when caring for house plants. Here are the most popular ones.

Put the pots too close to the sources of heat or cold

Most houseplants, like us, feel most comfortable at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Strong fluctuations in temperature or cold can cause them stress. Therefore, you do not need to put pots and tubs with plants near ventilation holes, radiators, batteries, front doors, or open windows. Moreover, drafts with hot or cold air are constantly created in these zones.

We are fond of watering

Excessive watering is one of the easiest ways to kill a houseplant. The hostess may be tempted to water the plants on a strict schedule, but it is best to water them only when necessary. Always check the soil before watering – if it’s wet, just wait. Remember that water is easier to add than to remove.

If you overdo it with water, it can lead to yellowing of the leaves, the appearance of mushroom midges, or root rot.

Forget about fertilizers

Plants need nourishment just like humans. And absolutely any, even the most unpretentious.

Ignore seasonal changes

For example, most houseplants require less water in winter, when they are in a “half-asleep” state and receive less sun. And in the summer, on the contrary, such flowers are ready to “drink” much more. And the need for the sun can also change.

Choose the wrong pot soil

Many do not think about what kind of soil their plants need. Meanwhile, some plants prefer easily drainable soil, some do not. There are many varieties of soil, and a consultant in any store will advise you that suits you.

And to pots plants can be fastidious. Orchids, for example, prefer transparent containers – they need sunlight coming directly to the roots.

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Transplant the plant too late or early

Transplanting does not always mean moving the plant to a larger container. Sometimes you just need to refresh the soil mixture. Be sure to transplant when you notice the following: roots are growing, new sprouts or leaves seem stunted. But if your plant grows well, but requires care, experts recommend pruning it rather than transplanting it.

Do not think about the light for the plant

Make sure that the conditions in which you keep your plants are appropriate. You can always supplement the light with special lamps. But if you live in an apartment with poor lighting and bring home a plant that needs bright and direct light to grow, chances are it just won’t survive.

Do not turn the pot

Few people think that the container with the plant should be turned periodically, especially if it needs a lot of suns, and only one side of it faces the sunlight.

Forget about pests

Housewives often forget about the protection of indoor plants from insects and fungus. Just because a plant isn’t outdoors doesn’t mean it’s protected from these diseases, which can reduce the plant’s lifespan and growth. And you just need to buy a special solution and spray the leaves every 1-2 weeks.

We care too much about plants

Paradoxically, when it comes to caring for most houseplants, the principle of “less is better” works. Plants are hardier than we think! Try not to dwell on every little thing, because too meticulous a mistress can often only harm. Believe me, most houseplants do fine without you. Usually, it is enough to take care of them once a week so that they grow perfectly and please the eye.

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