Why Italians Don’t Get Fat

The lifestyle of Italians is a mystery to many. They lead a sedentary lifestyle, drink a lot of coffee, eat sweets and carbohydrate foods, but at the same time look as if they spend their whole lives in a health resort. In addition, Italian girls retain their slimness through the years. In the material of “Rambler” – the secrets of the life of Italians.

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Mediterranean Diet

Women have probably heard of the Mediterranean diet, but for Italians, it is more of a way of life. They never snack on the go and may stop their work for the sake of eating. For them, it’s a ritual. They gradually chew all the pieces so that saturation comes before they eat the entire portion.

They consume a large number of vegetables and fruits. Also in their diet includes meat and fish. From cereals, they eat pasta and rice – in fact, they have enough carbohydrates, but for some reason in our country, everyone who is on diet is afraid of this. Italians never miss dessert, but still, try to eat less fatty and sweet. Also in their diet a lot of olive oil and hard cheese. All this is rich in healthy fats.

Active lifestyle

Despite the fact that Italians have a fairly measured life, they rarely sign up for fitness clubs. Their activity lies in the fact that they abandon public transport in favor of active walking and cycling, and this replaces the hours of loads in the gym, given the hilly terrain.

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Meals by the hour

Italians always eat at the same time. They clearly delineate meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They will not use snacks and will never allow themselves to be interrupted by cookies or sweets instead of a full meal. Even if they have urgent matters, they will postpone them and do them later, but they will eat if they are very hungry.

Some nutritionists say that this approach helps to speed up the metabolism because the body receives food always at the same time and does not save fat reserves in case of a stressful situation when it is left without food.

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