Wicks that brighten your hair and transform your appearance

When it comes to hair color trends, no shade is considered old-fashioned, as what changes in the look of beauty, are the techniques that are used to create a new look. This season, one of the most popular trends, will be to use techniques that bring shine, dimension, and movement to the hair in a subtle way. That’s why below we give you some ideas of wicks that illuminate your hair.

If you love to maintain a natural appearance but want to transform your image for the first months of the year, these will be the trends of lights to illuminate the face that you should know for your next visit to the beauty salon. In addition to bringing the reflection of the sun to your face, they will help you maintain the subtle look that you like so much. The best thing is that you will not damage both your hair and with the complete dyes since this technique slightly bleaches strategic strands. Below we tell you what are the techniques that expert colorists have already begun to perform on celebrities and influencers and that will become the most requested techniques of the season.

Wicks that illuminate your hair and will be a trend this season

Caramel blonde wicks

This effect is ideal for long-haired brunettes who want to try a lighter tone since this combines different shades from the natural tone of the root to a more blonde tone. Caramel tones bring warmth and movement to dark hair, they can be worn in subtle effects such as baby lights or in color gradients such as a balayage.

Ash blonde wicks

In this season we say goodbye to the golden blondes to make way for the ash blondes. The contrast between dark hair and ash blonde wicks creates a smoky effect, making it ideal for a transition from winter tones. The contour effect will be one of the most solitary

cited from this season. It is created by lightening the strands closest to the face to reflect sunlight on the face. The rest of the hair is lightened at the ends to create a gradient effect. You can complete your color with an asymmetrical, slightly shorter cut from behind.


This effect is achieved by choosing very thin hair strands and lightening them depending on the look you want to achieve to give an appearance of natural light reflections on the hair. As a result you get shinier and slightly lighter hair.

Chocolate lights

Chocolate tones are ideal for warm skin, as they create a contrast that favors your complexion. Undoubtedly a trend that we will see during the following months of the year. These shades never go out of style and to give greater dimension to your hair you can wear it in combination with darker tones at the base to give it depth and dimension. This is also a very natural way to change your appearance to show off a healthier mane.

Traditional lights

Traditional lights are used to give dimension to the hair and are slightly thicker than baby lights. It can help give different effects on the hair depending on how close they are and the level of bleaching that is used.

Wicks in mahogany tones
This season the return to the most natural tones will be a trend to take into account. Whether you want to show off your natural color or a similar tone that helps you give it shine in a subtle way.
Mahogany tones are characterized by maintaining a natural appearance while lightening the hair and giving it light reddish tones. It can be worn in lights to create contrast or throughout the hair, depending on the style you want to achieve.

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