Winter decoration: 4 original ideas to make with foam

This pretty forest moss gives freshness to simple creations. Vaporous and soft, it is mixed with flowering plants, or candles decorating the table, it is wound on the wire to form a crown or placed in the heart of a star cookie cutter. Be careful not to forget to moisten it from time to time!

Inside or outside, opt for moss and exhibit your finds gleaned from the forest. Crown, candle holders, or small decorative cookie cutter, everything is possible. Discover our 4 original creations, easy to reproduce.

Plants in moss nests

The material:

  • White campanules (campanula portenschlagiana)
  • Decorative vegetable foam
  • Wooden washer 10 cm in diameter
  • 3 large nails
  • A hammer
  • Jute string
  • Gardener’s wire
  • Water sprayer

The stages of realization:

  1. Remove the campanules from their pot and moisten the roots with the sprayer. Surround them with wire to form a bouquet, squeezing enough, but without damaging the stems.
  2. Surround your bouquet with vegetable moss from the base to mid-height. Hold it in place with several jute string towers.
  3. Plant 3 slightly spaced nails in the center of the wooden washer. Turn it over and prick the bouquet on the nails.
  4. Remember to lightly moisten the foam by spraying water regularly, so that it does not dry.

A love of crown

The material:

  • Heart-shaped metal support, 35 cm in diameter)
  • Plant moss (in the forest or garden centre)
  • Glue gun
  • Very thin wire
  • Cutter
  • Jute string
  • Scissors

The stages of realization:

  1. Separate small clumps of foam of equal size (the end result will be more homogeneous) and fix them around the wire support by wrapping them with jute string as you go.
  2. Turn it over and then do the same on the other side of the heart.
  3. Strengthen the hold of the foam by twisting very thin wire around the crown. If the thread is too visible, add here and there foam with a glue point.
  4. Wrap the jute thread at the top of the crown and finish with a wider loop to hang everything. Hang your crown on a door or on the support of your choice (can, vase …) with a strand of string.

Minute idea: original candle holders

Slip small pine cones under glasses on foot turned over. Attach a white candle to the top of each glass foot by melting a little wax and surround the foot of the candle with a piece of fresh foam.

Minute idea: the nature star

The material:

  • Star cookie cutter (10 cm in diameter)
  • Decorative vegetable foam
  • 4 x 15 cm of decorative ribbons in coordinated tones
  • Natural or artificial berries

The stages of realization:

  1. Attach a Vichy ribbon to a branch of the star cookie cutter.
  2. Around this first ribbon, tie another one randomly and intersperse a branch of natural or dummy berries.
  3. Gently line the inside of the star with foam.
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