Winter in the White Mountains | Photographs

Jim Salge is a nature photographer who has a profound love for nature and the outdoors, which he has channeled into a variety of outdoor activities. He lives in southern New Hampshire and enjoys hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing, all of which compliment his nature photography.

Jim began photographing the White Mountains while working as a meteorologist at the Mount Washington Observatory, and the White Mountains remain a focus of his photography even though he now works as a high school science teacher in Bedford, NH. He’ll frequently get up early in the morning and stay out until sunset, immersing himself in nature. Jim does extensive study on his themes and frequently revisits areas in order to discover the conditions that would best allow the spectator to connect with the scene. Please enjoy this collection of Jim’s winter images, which capture the splendor of the White Mountains.

  1. Lake at Dusk in White Mountains

2. Hiker in the White Mountains

3. Snow-Covered Structure in White Mountains

4. Light through Clouds in White Mountains

5. Ice Storm Sunset

6. Chocura Lake in Winter

7. Hazy Sun in White Mountains

8. Posing Fox

9. Ice Hole in White Mountains

10. Trees in the White Mountains

11. Alpine Aurora in White Mountains

12. Winter Reflection in White Mountains

13. Wind in White Mountains

14. Frozen Lake in White Mountains

Jim uses a digital SLR camera for his photography, although he uses a lot of filters to regulate the light during challenging exposures. Traditional approaches bring him tremendous satisfaction, and he works to get the exposure perfect in camera and process the image in the most natural way possible.

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