With me, he will stop drinking: TOP-5 female misconceptions about men

Oh, you’re such a dreamer! You will come up with it yourself, you will believe it yourself, you will cry for yourself, which did not come true. What women’s myths about men have I most often encountered?

Myth 1: It will change

First and foremost, it will change. It will be different for me! He will earn more, he will stop drinking, he will stop walking on women. Oh, and he’ll do sports. Ladies, dear ones, remember: a person changes only if he wants it. Himself! And your kick in the ass or dripping on your brain will definitely not be an incentive for change – rather, an incentive to break up. Now one of my friends, being on maternity leave, works like a crowbar horse. In one hand, a child with an in his mouth, in the other – a mobile phone. Because the husband both earned three times less than her and earns. And it weighs 110: I took up dumbbells and threw them. A friend almost cries, and I calm down: but he gets up to the child at night, nails the shelves, and generally listens to you. In general, ladies, keep in mind: male flaws after the wedding persist. But the virtues, as a rule, too!

TOP-5 women's misconceptions about men

Myth 2: Woman comes first

Myth two: I have to be in the first place for him. A very dangerous misconception. A woman is in the first place only in the assholes-neurotics, with whom you yourself will pay. At best, you’ll be second on his list of priorities — after work. Career, money, position in society for a normal man is more important than a woman. Why? Because if all of the above is there, then the woman will pull up automatically.

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Myth 3: Men only need sex

No, not only that. After all, in between sexual acts, you still need to talk about something! And if a woman can’t hold a conversation, then, as the hero of the movie Stories said, there’s nothing to with you. In fact, of course, you can. But not for long. Personally, temperamental but undeveloped young ladies occupied me for a maximum of two to three months. True, developed, but inaccessible and even less – for two or three days.

Myth 4: A man can be held by children.

Phew… Don’t judge yourself. For a woman, a child is a part of her. She bore him, gave birth in agony, fed and treated him for many years, did not sleep at night … Most fathers did not experience even a tenth of these hardships. Their emotional connection with the child is extremely shallow. As the saying goes, “Our job is not to give birth: I took it out and run.” No, it’s not for everyone. But, alas, for many.

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Myth 5: A man must be romantic

How knights treated women, how knights conquered ladies

No way. If a man at three o’clock in the morning sends poems dedicated to you, and eight unexpectedly meets at the entrance with a chic bouquet, beware! Two types of men are romantic. The first is thoughtful womanizers who know where to press so that the lady spreads her legs. The second are psychos. There is a very high probability that after a couple of weeks or months you will have to hide from this “romance”, changing passwords, appearances, and appearance.

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