Women’s trend: What materials to focus on this fall?

We are all banking on the possibility of resuming almost normal activities this fall. Nevertheless, we are not all ready to sacrifice the good habits of comfortable clothes that we have taken during the lockdown. Similarly, our demands in terms of ecology and therefore of non-polluting and sustainable fabrics and materials are becoming stronger and stronger. Textile stylists and industrialists have become aware of this and among the collections and fashion shows of the women’s fashion week autumn-winter 2021-22, we can find a large number of pieces that incorporate these new data.

And if we talk a lot about innovation, some stylists also bet on the revival of vintage materials. So woolens. Knitting (sweater, cardigan) has become a basic, and even a must in fashion 2021-2022. Although they are all soft to the touch, these fabrics have been worked to give the impression of having already been worn; not by “miserabilist” effect, but to reinforce the idea of cozy comfort, usually, nostalgia.

The technical materials usually used for sportswear include the luxury loungewear wardrobe. The materials are beautiful, sober, designed from recycling materials such as wood, plastic, or fabrics already in use, or even the scrap of unused fabrics.

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