Yohji Yamamoto and other Asian designers who changed the fashion world

Brands worth watching closely.

Asian brands for many remain a mystery: it seems that the best design solutions come to the fashion world straight from Paris, South Korea gave the world only k-pop, and Japan should be thanked for Uniqlo. But that’s a huge misconception. Asian designers boast stunning collections that have won the hearts of fashionistas around the world.

Experiments with cut and shape, a mixture of styles, conceptuality, and incredible aesthetics – all this you can find in the brands of talented creators. Talking about Asian designers who are changing the fashion industry right now.

Yohji Yamamoto

photo: @yohjiyamamotoofficial© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @yohjiyamamotoofficialphoto: @adidasy3© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @adidasy3

Japanese designer Yoji Yamamoto is called one of the main innovators of modern fashion. He managed to transform traditional Western silhouettes thanks to the aesthetics of wabi-sabi – Japanese philosophy is inspired by the simplicity and imperfection of the truth of beauty. Free silhouette, asymmetric cut, black color are the main features of Yohji Yamamoto collections.

Things from Yamamoto emphasize individuality: there is no flashy sexuality or excessive frankness. “Nothing is eternal, nothing is complete, nothing is perfect,” Yoji declares.

The collaboration between Yamamoto and Adidas gave the world the Y-3 line, which is in great demand: the combination of high fashion and street style really made a splash.

Yoon An

photo: @ambush_official© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @ambush_officialphoto: @ambush_official© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @ambush_official

Jewelry brand Ambush appeared in Tokyo in 2008 – it was created by the spouses Young-Ki and Yoon An. Jewelry began to be popular, but the first collection of clothes Yoon created only after 8 years. And it was a real success: in 2017, Ambush became one of the eight finalists of the LVMH Prize. Anything in a relaxed urban style has its own unique accent – an inscription, patchwork, non-standard cut, or color. Ambush is chosen by world stars: fans of the brand are Kanye West, TheWeeknd, Lady Gaga, and other celebrities.

Lee Myeng Sin

photo: @lowclassic_seoul© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @lowclassic_seoulphoto: @lowclassic_seoul© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @lowclassic_seoul

The Low Classic brand appeared in Seoul: it was founded by designer Lee Myung Sin. If you like feminine things and simple silhouettes, Low Classic will be a godsend for you – the collections combine modern minimalism and elegance, due to which classic outfits play with new colors. Lee prefers fabrics of the highest quality. By the way, the brand is often compared with the legendary Celine.

June Takahashi

photo: @undercover_lab© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @undercover_labphoto: @undercover_lab© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @undercover_lab

In 1990, students of Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion Academy, June Takahashi, and Tomoaki Nagao, created the street style brand Undercover. Later, Nagao founded his own brand A Bathing Ape, and June continued to develop his brainchild. In the collections, the unique Japanese design is intertwined with references to American and British cultures. Intricate cut, luxury materials, provocation, and brightness – for fans of street fashion Undercover is a cult brand.

Rei Kawakubo

photo: @commedesgarcons

© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @commedesgarcons

photo: @commedesgarcons

© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @commedesgarcons

Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo is the founder of the comme des Garçons brand. She has a non-standard approach to creativity: Ray has an art history education, so it is not surprising that her collections and silhouettes are called works of art. The brand’s items are exhibited in museums, and the philosophy of “The rules are in your head” (“Rules in your head”) allowed Comme des Garçons to gain fame as one of the main avant-garde brands.

Ader Error command

photo: @ader_error© Photo credit: Woman’s Day photo: @ader_errorphoto: @ader_error© Photo credit: Woman’s Day photo: @ader_error

The brand from South Korea at one time became a real sensation and conquered Instagram. The design team remains anonymous, paying close attention to the development of social networks: Ader Error has as many as 3 accounts on Instagram. The concept is based on the love of creativity, and the retro style is viewed by creators through the prism of futurism. The collections are presented with exceptionally unisex clothes, and non-standard cuts and a mixture of textures perfectly emphasize the individuality of the consumer.

Oni Pai and Steve Young

photo: @sjyp.kr© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @sjyp.krphoto: @sjyp.kr© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @sjyp.kr

Streetstyle brand SJYP appeared in Seoul in 2014: it was founded by spouses Oni Pai and Steve Young. Designers were inspired by youth subcultures and denim fashion of the 90s – their collections use denim, which allows you to look at traditional solutions in a new way. Perfect joggers, jeans-claws, sweatshirts with stripes, and camouflage bombers – each model has its own unique character, created with the help of the right decor and bold silhouettes.

Jessica Chung and Dami Kwon

photo: @we11done© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @we11donephoto: @we11done© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: @we11done

Korean designers Jessica Chung and Dami Kwon created the brand We11done, which is very popular among fans of bright prints and oversize. In the collections of designers, you can find references to the American culture of the early noughties. Here, everyone will choose a thing to their liking: We11done allows you to complement the wardrobe with a sports hoodie, and a delicate dress, and a classic shirt. Black and white shades, complex cut, and catchy details are some of the key features of the brand.

Below we have collected the most stylish things from the collections of brands that are worth paying attention to. Be inspired and transform your wardrobe!

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