Zodiac signs that never forget a betrayal

See if you are part of this group.

Some zodiac signs have great memories, especially when it comes to disappointments and people stabbing them in the back. This group usually does not forget any detail that made it learn an important lesson in which it mainly does not let anyone hurt them.

Zodiac signs that never forget a betrayal


Taurus can develop trusting relationships, but when he is disappointed by a stab in the back, he does not overlook or look for ways to forget what happened. After that, this sign can become much more cautious about giving up your trust and holding a grudge that nothing can change

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Cancer knows all the details of when someone has betrayed his trust, and no matter how much he doesn’t talk about it, he will always have fresh in his memory the negative feelings that affected him. As often as you sometimes also remember the positives this may have triggered, you can’t let go of the grudge.


Virgos know very well how to use their memory to protect themselves and not make the same mistakes. Therefore, he does not forget the stab wounds in the back he received and is not afraid to be suspicious of the signs that remind him. He doesn’t always hold a self-destructive grudge, but his heart is almost never new.

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Betrayals and neglect remain in Scorpio’s memory forever. This sign may even develop some obsessive thoughts and ends up distrusting the first warning sign. It can also be vindictive and return the money to try to heal those traumas.


Capricorns remember everything that was important to their growth, even if it was painful. That is why he does not forget the disappointments that made him stronger. This sign should only be careful to look for a cure for your heart and not just remember the negative things that were done.

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