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There are many secret hotels around the world and staying there is a form of adventure in its own right, such as when you were building a hut of blankets and pillows in the middle of the room to pretend that the outside world did not exist. When you travel, you can stay in all kinds of places, in hotels of big chains (where you know you will find the same décor and the same food all over the world), you can rent an Airbnb, go to a hostel, or you can stay in a small secret hotel in one of the most amazing destinations in the world. You may think that the hotel does not matter since it is only used for sleeping, but it is an element that can make a difference. It is important to pay attention to this detail and choose a place where you can be comfortable and that will also help bring to life the fantasy that you had in mind when you chose a special place to spend your precious holiday moments. And if you want to get away from everything, disconnect, and relax to the fullest, then you should have these 5 hotels on your radar. Unique places where you won’t just be another number and where you won’t stumble upon a generic set that makes you feel like you’re in a horror movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Clavell Tower, Dorset, England

The Clavell Tower, which is not a typical English seaside hotel, was once a landmark used by smugglers. Today, the four-story tower is the small refuge of one of the must-see stages of hiking fanatics. The tower was built in 1830 by the Reverend John Richards Clavell and was saved in 2006 by the Landmark Trust, who decided to move it 25 meters to place it right on the edge of a cliff, where it was converted into a small holiday home that can be rented. To get there, you have to leave the village of Kimmeridge and take the hiking trail (do not expect someone to carry your bags, prepare your belongings well). Once there, you have the best view on your own and you are at the starting point of all kinds of coastal walks.

Hostel Pfefferbett, Berlin

This Berlin hotel was a former brewery in the nineteenth century, which gives it its eccentric aesthetic. In addition, it is located in the city center, just 20 minutes from Alexanderplatz. The hotel has high ceilings, red bricks, and a 24-hour bar (in case of jet lag prevents you from sleeping and you feel like a drink). This is not a typical hostel, it has private rooms, each with its own bathroom, a terrace with incredible views of the city, and from March to October they lend bikes so you can move around like a local. It is also very close to Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Crystal Peak Lookout, United States

When you were younger, did you dream of having a treehouse? You can still have it, even if it’s just for a vacation in Idaho. The Crystal Peak Lookout is a treehouse, one of the rangers’ cabins that were built in the 1950s to keep the land, but were abandoned with the advent of technology. Fortunately, many of them were saved and this led to the creation of this hotel in the middle of the forest which was decorated by designer Kristie Wolf. It’s not easy to get there, especially if you go there in winter and during the snow season, but the effort is worth it because from there you have a view of the 13 hectares of forest that surround the place (and you’ll have your own sauna to relax after the adventure).

Cabanas No Rio, Portugal

Portugal is one of the new favorite destinations of travelers from all over the world, thanks to its landscapes, gastronomy, and great culture. It also has a small hotel ideal for a holiday away from the noise and boring tourists. Cabanas No Rio is located near the beach of Comporta which, although being a destination that has become very popular, still has some secret places. In this case, the place consists of two small modernized fishermen’s huts, located near the Sado River. The first hut contains the bedrooms, while the second houses the bathroom, and the best part is that there aren’t many neighbors to bother you.

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