6 Curious Places in India You Have Never Heard About

The Taj Mahal and the Himalayan Mountains are perhaps the first images that come to mind when you think about India. But the country is much more than that. Few people are aware that you may do things like dine with the dead, walk into the past by visiting shelters where prehistoric humans left their footprints, and even play “hide and seek” with a magical beach.

We would like to show you a compilation of India’s most strange and peculiar destinations for you to visit.

1.A floating church
There is one church in India that is known as the “floating” church. The abandoned Shettihalli Rosary Church is known as a “floating church” because its remains are immersed in water during the monsoon season. During the rainy season, only one-third of the chapel is visible, and the remainder of the structure is submerged.

2. A church with a mummy
Basilica of Bom Jesus, one of Goa’s Catholic churches, has a hidden secret: you might find a mummy here. The human remains belonged to St. Francis Xavier, a missionary who lived 450 years ago. The mummy’s enigma is that the body of St. Francis stayed intact without the use of chemicals for almost 500 years, which is very remarkable.

3. Rocks with paintings of the first people
In India, you also have the rare opportunity to travel back in time. You can go to Bhimbetka rock shelters to see drawings that appear to originate from the Mesolithic Period all the way up to the historical period. Here you may observe how humans lived in prehistoric eras, including the cultural progression from hunter-gatherers to farmers, which is extremely fascinating. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the rocks.

4. A restaurant with graves
Not only may you dine in the presence of the dead at India’s New Lucky Restaurant, but you can also dine in the presence of the living. The restaurant was built right in the center of an old cemetery. Rather than removing the tombs, the owner chose to leave them in place and distribute tables near the coffins. He believes that the tombs offer good luck, and as a result, his business is booming.

5. A haunted fort
The Bhangarh fort, which was built in the seventeenth century, is one of India’s most haunted locations. People abandoned the area because of a curse, according to local tales.

The fort was cursed by a sorcerer who fell in love with a princess who lived there but was spurned, according to one legend. In another legend, the fort was cursed by a local ascetic who was enraged because the fort cast a shadow over his home. Whether or not these stories are true, people are not permitted to visit the fort after sunset as a result of them.

6. A museum of toilets
Are you bored with history and art museums? Visit the international toilet museum! Sulabh International Museum has a unique and outstanding collection of data, images, and artifacts tracing the history of toilets from 2500 BCE to the present day. A toilet disguised as a bookcase and even a facsimile of King Louis XIV’s “toilet throne” can be found here. The museum was even named one of the top ten oddest museums in the world by Time magazine in 2014.

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