Amsterdam Artist Adds Fun Sparkle To Nature

It’s times like these that make us re-evaluate our views on what’s important. How many of you have been thinking that they really didn’t go on enough walks, picnics in the park, and camping trips in the forest or in the mountains? Are you wishing you went to the beach more and enjoyed swimming in the sea or the ocean more often? Year, we’re right there with you. We’re pretty sure that after this we will all appreciate and cherish nature more. But in the meantime let us introduce you to Martijn Schrijver, an artist from Amsterdam who uses photoshop to manipulate animals and landscapes in the most surreal and amusing way.

1. Lazy Puppy Rock. The artist captioned it with “I’m not lazy, I’m just highly motivated to do nothing”. What an adorable artwork.

2. What do you think of this Tiger tree? Martjin has a whole animal tree series on his Instagram that you should definitely check out.

3. Rhino rock with a castle on his head? Yeah, why not? Who’s going to stop you when you’ve got the power of Photoshop on your side?

4. How do you know that mountains aren’t actually just massive turtles? Wasn’t there a theory that the earth is resting on massive turtles?

5. Here’s a gigantic crocodile hiding in plain sight. Sounds like exactly something crocs would do to catch their prey.

6. Does that look like a massive shark who chose to dive in and the water just isn’t deep enough? This could be a hilarious cartoon.

7. You know how as kids we play that game where we try to figure out what animal does the cloud looks like? Well, what if you played that with islands and beaches?

8. Another brilliant rhino edit, this time at Machu Picchu. Kinda makes you wish this is what Machu Picchu actually looked like, doesn’t it? It would be even more impressive and memorable this way.

9. The artist called this “Bull Rocks” but something about this artwork is so peaceful don’t you think? Perhaps is that sweeping fringe that makes all the difference and makes this massive bull look super friendly.

10. Another sneaky crocodile hiding in the green hills, or is that an alligator? Do you actually know what’s the difference between the two? Makes you want to watch Crocodile Hunter brush up on the croc knowledge, doesn’t it?

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