Camping Experience in D’ran Country

The experience of camping to see red leaves in D’ran country is shared by Xuan Thuong, the trip was made by Xuan Thuong’s group. Below is detailed information, please refer to.

The article was shared by Xuan Thuong, a boy born in 1997 who now lives and works in D’ran. It can be said that this is the sharing of a “land” about the journey of camping to see red leaves in D’ran, for visitors who like romance.

Note, Red Leaf Watching Camping Experience in D'ran Country

Located at the gateway to Da Lat, D’ran country in Don Duong district is relatively unspoiled. Anyone who has ever read Lin Zhongzhou’s “The Story of The Old D’ran” will know a dreamy D’ran, where everyone has heard the name once but to imagine it is difficult to describe.

D’ran has a name from the French era. The town is geographically located between the D’ran and Spectacular passes. D’ran is also known as the town on the back of the pass. D’ran is not yet famous in the tourism industry and Don Duong district is not developed like other districts, so D’ran retains many wildness of nature, true people, and rustic.

According to the information shared by Thuong, there are many campsite areas in D’ran, including Taly D’ran Pass, P’ró Ngo, Lam Tuyen Hill, Ong Cop Temple, Da Man forest gate, Chau Son pine hill, Hoa Mau valley … The whole group of Thuong was led by a native to an area of the lake shore with many red leaves, and beautiful scenery like a fairy tale. “I go back to the forest when I feel insecure or uncertain, and I believe nature does not offend those who want to return,” He said.

Montagnard’s group sent motorbikes to people’s homes, then trekked to reach the camping point. The road is not much special, quiet, weaving through the ancient pine forest, through the stream, and straight slope leading down to the lake. At the end of the road is a calm lake, where the group stops to camp. In addition to gathering, bbq and having fun, taking photos, the highlight of this journey is that each person will have their own space, sit in a corner to calm down, and connect with nature so that nature heals the soul.

Note, Red Leaf Watching Camping Experience in D'ran Country

D’ran is beautiful all year round, each season has a different beauty. Visitors here can experience the mushroom season, tangerine season, pink season, and forest season to change leaves … Only the rainy season will make camping difficult. The birds change the color of the leaves, located deep in the forest. The plant the season replaces young leaves, the young leaves are replaced in a different color, initially orange, pink, red and then turn to ripe plum color and then blue. Red leaves are also the purpose that makes the whole team choose to come here because they help the stream shore become picturesque. The leaves begin to color in early February and turn green in mid-May.

With the experience of camping in many forests in Vietnam, Thuong said the places with very little red leaf color or if any are also sparse. Therefore, when they set foot in D’ran, the group was surprised as if they were lost somewhere in Europe. “Like a fairy tale,” he recalled.

The scene evoked a lot of emotions for them. “Red leaves are a sign of beginning, which also reminds me of the new paths or the next journey, how to make the red blood in the person always enthusiastic, create more value to contribute to beautifying this life like the leaves are changing color.” He remembers the moment when he and nature merged into one.

Note, Red Leaf Watching Camping Experience in D'ran Country

Note when camping

As with other camping trips, campers need to prepare warmth and insect repellent. Here is an insect called yellow flies, which bite into very itchy. This area is quite unspoiled, you should contact the local people to lead the way. Some of the suggestions about indigenous people leading the way are Facebook Son Nhat or Facebook Anh Dã Trang.

D’ran has clean water sources to use as a source of irrigation for people, but there are no electricity and telephone waves. Some outdoor activities can be referenced here such as playing swings, bbq, SUP rowing …

– The total cost of the trip is from 2 to 3.5 million VND per person including the cost of the trip to D’ran, food, expenses for the jungle instructor, and camping tent rental services for the trip 2 days a night.

“Vietnam’s mountains and forests are not only majestic but also have perfect beauty. The forest of Dran in general, Da Min forest in particular has a beauty that makes people who love and appreciate nature like us many times lost, lost forever refuse to return because the energy here is really better than any other food.” It is the message of The High Priest for visitors who want to explore a country with much-hidden beauty.

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